5 Quotes About Hope From Rebecca Solnit

I’ve been reading Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit, and it seems like every other page, I’m underlining encouraging and powerful quotes about hope, about taking action, and about the power we have to change the world. Here are my five favorites so far, all about hope, for those of us who need an extra shot of hope today. … Read More

2017 Reading Challenge

Last year, my reading challenge was derailed in the second half of August. Instead of working my way through a list of science fiction classics, I ended up scouring the internet for articles on culture and diversity, reaching out to people for recommendations on how to learn more about theology and reconciliation, and consuming everything I could think of that … Read More

Every Book I Read in 2016

In 2016, I set myself a goal of reading 52 science fiction classics in one year. The idea was to immerse myself in the history of science fiction, so that I could better understand how the genre has formed over time, as well as what influences today’s authors. Originally, I had the idea of writing a short post about every … Read More

Book 9: Fahrenheit 451

I’ve written about Bradbury before. When I have to name an author that has influenced my writing, he’s always the first that comes to mind, but until this year, I had never read his first novel and most famous work, Fahrenheit 451. There are a couple things I know about this book. Bradbury got the title by calling a fire … Read More

Book 8: Brave New World

I have nothing to say about Brave New World that hasn’t already been said, so instead I’ll tell this story: My aunt was one of those people who found beauty wherever she looked. She never had to remind herself to stop and find beauty in the ordinary; she saw it automatically, overwhelmingly, in everything from new landscapes to familiar streets. About … Read More