Book 7: A Princess of Mars

I haven’t been looking forward to blogging about A Princess of Mars. Not much to say about it. I’m glad I read it. I’ve heard about it, of course, John Carter and everything. I don’t know how accurate this is, but this is the style I think of when I think of the original pulp sci-fi novels. It’s a planetary … Read More

Book 6: War of the Worlds

I've always been good at finding something to like in every book, even books that are written for a different audience or time. With science fiction in particular, I like looking back and seeing how previous generations thought about the future. During the early to mid 20th century, there was a cheery optimism about the future of technology and what ... Read More

Book 5: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

When I first set up this reading challenge, I wasn't sure whether I should aim to read the best 52 sci fi books, or just 52 classics. Obviously, "best" is a subjective word, but I think I could pull together a solid list based on cross sections of popular opinion. The thing is, that would exclude a lot of classics. ... Read More

Book 3 & 4: Shards of Honor and Barrayar

  Remember how, with Falling Free, I said that the book was in full crisis by 25%? Shards of Honor gets there by the second page. How do I even begin to talk about these two books? I drank up Shards of Honor and Barrayar with more enjoyment than I've read any book in a long time. Yes, I liked ... Read More

Book 2: Falling Free

As predicted by my past self, Falling Free turned out to be absolutely fantastic. I glanced briefly at some reviews and many people say that this isn't as funny as her later books, but I definitely saw the same vein of wit as in Dreamweaver's Dilemma. By 25% (not sure about the page number because ebooks), the story is already in full-on crisis ... Read More