Book One: Dreamweaver’s Dilemma

When I was searching for books to include on this list, I came across Lois McMaster Bujold's name over and over again, and kept wondering why it sounded familiar. Turns out I have a quote from her saved at the top of a notebook I check almost daily: "If the truth doesn't save us, what does that say about us?" ... Read More

2016 Reading Challenge: 52 Sci Fi Classics

Much as I love the genre, I often feel like a poser (is that still a word people use?) when I tell people I write science fiction because I’m not that well-read in the genre. I grew up on literary fiction—Dickens, Poe, Austen, and Shakespeare in particular—because that was what we had around the house. I read fantasy whenever I … Read More

Quick Update & New Short Story

Here’s the first scene to a short story I’m working on (working title is Titius).  I’m going to be writing a few short stories over the next couple of months to help me build out the world for my next series, and I’ll try to post them all here for you to read. This opening is partly inspired by this crazy … Read More

Bradbury Found

I found a story today, a story I’ve been wanting to find for a long time. I first read it in seventh grade and it was about a girl who lived on Venus where it rained every day, rained so hard that the people were washed out by all that rain. Every seven years, the sun came out for an … Read More